Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm enormous.

Do not be fooled by this picture.  I have never been so uncomfortable in my life.  At the moment I can't even sit up because she is so high up in my ribs- yet she's also managing to hit my pelvis at the same time.  I am willing to go through labor now, just so I don't have to be on my back all morning.  Ugh.  Still love her.  Just not comfortable.  But I have my baby shower tonight and I'm way excited, the ladies in my ward are so nice.  Drew asked me if I was excited... girl/baby talk, presents, and food..... is it a question?  Oh and I bought a nursing bra last night, now those are funny. Hahahaha.


Courtney and Hyrum said...

Hi I can't wait to see her!!!

Marissa said...

HI! Yeah - we can't wait for you guys! I'm so happy you started a blog and now we can see/hear more of you guys. Good luck Madie. Don't be too frustrated if you go over your due date. I did, and I was so so frustrated - it only made things worse. You'll do great! We can't wait to see her!

Jessie said...

Hi Madie! I didn't know you guys had a blog! I love it.
I think those last few days/weeks are the worst. I remember with Sienna I couldn't breath at all! Sleeping was awful too! I hope she comes soon! :) Keep us posted.
Miss you.