Monday, October 27, 2008


Valentine has started to make faces and it is awesome.  I didn't think I could love her anymore, but when she does stuff like this, it just melts me.  The best is when she's in between sleep and waking up- absolutely hilarious.  She's really starting to develop a cute little personality- she is very mellow and sweet and attentive and alert.  She also is very squirmy and loves to wave around her skinny little arms- especially in her face.  When it's time to eat she gets super excited and her legs and arms kick all over the place.  She is very good, not very fussy except when she gets the hiccups- she does not like that.  Oh, and she still doesn't fit into anything besides her onesies.  I love my tiny baby.


Jayne said...

just makes me smile all over.

Jessie said...

Madie I love that her cheeks are getting chubby! Makes me want to eat them! (In a kissing kind of way!)

Summer said...

so cute madie. i wish i could hold her. we'll see you all at christmas, right?