Sunday, January 29, 2012

A conversation with Valentine...

So, Miss Valentine is one of the most darling little things, and says some of the funniest things. We have been having a lot of fun lately with our little three year old, with her refusing to poop in the toilet STILL, and her insisting on always picking out her own clothes (much to my amusement or chagrin, depending on the outfit and my mood) and her talking INCESSANTLY in the car. Seriously, every car ride the past week or two, she does not stop. And it's always some kind of conversation too that requires me to participate, which is fine, I looove talking to her, but there are some times that we're late and I'm stressed, or I just like my little quiet time while driving, or I'm really into the song I'm singing along to, and I'll ask her to please just STOP TALKING FOR A MINUTE PLEASE. I LOVE YOU, BUT JUST FOR A MINUTE PLEASE. Am I such a mean mother? Whatever. Anyways, it is mainly very amusing and I 90... ish percent of the time really enjoy our goofy little chats and the nutty/cute things that come out of my nutty/cute daughter's mouth. For example:

While driving by a church.....

V: "Um, Mama, I want Jesus? I want to see Jesus in Heaven."
Me: "Aw, sweetie, that is so great, I want to see Him too, but we can't go see Him in Heaven today."
V: "Please Mama?? I want to."
Me: "I know Tiny, we really want to be with Jesus in Heaven, but it's not going to be for awhile."
V: "Not for awhile?"
Me: "Yeah, we will someday, but first you have to go to school and college, and get married and have babies of your own and have grand-babies and go on a mission and do lots of amazing things. When you're an old lady you can go see Jesus in Heaven, but not today."
V: "Oh...... old lady? Go to school? And go poo-poo in the potty?"
Me: "YES. Yes. You definitely have to learn to go poo-poo in the potty before you can go to Jesus in Heaven."

Another day:

V: "Um, Mama? I wanna go poo-poo in my princess potty."
Me: "You do???!!!"
V: "Yeah, go poo-poo in da potty and get pink bike, and ice cream, and barbie, and princess dress, and make cookies and pancakes!" (we have pretty much promised her the moon if she'll just use the damn potty.)
Me: "Wow! That is so much fun, yes, we will, we will get all of that if you go in the potty!"
V: "Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!"
Me: "It is a great idea!"
V: "YEAH!!!"
Me: "Okay, so are you going to go potty when we get to Grandma's?"
V: "Um, no.... tomorrow Mama. Tomorrow."

She's been saying "uuum.... tomorrow, I'll go in the potty tomorrow," for at least a week now.

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