Monday, January 10, 2011

What Are Valentine's New Favorite Words?

Me: "Valentine can you hand that to me?"
Tiny: "Nope."

Valentine singing to herself: "Appy Birfday to you, Appy Birfday to you, Appy Birfday Gramma, Appy Birfday to yoooouuuuuu!" (she just started singing the birthday song for my mom's b-day about a month ago, so that's who she always sings it to- she also sings to herself or to Moses: "You are my sunshine," "ABC's," "Once upon a dream," and "I still believe" from Cinderella III)

While I'm trying on different outfits one will catch her eye and she'll gasp, cover her mouth and say softly, "Ooooh, goodness gracious! It's so boot-i-ful Mama!"

Me: "Do you want some banana?"
Tiny: "Nope."

While eating cookie dough I just made: "MMmm, it's A-WI-CIOUS (delicious) Mama!"

"Mac N' Cheese!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Mac N' Cheese!!!"

"Daddy cwa-zy! (crazy) hee hee hee hee" (she points to Drew and snickers)

Me: "Valentine let's go upstairs."
Valentine: "Nope."

"Me no want pants on!! Dress Mama? Dress?"

"Hold it?!" asking to hold Moses- while she's holding him- "Hee hee, she's coot Mama! So coot!" (yes, she calls him "she")

"I wuv you Mama."

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