Thursday, January 13, 2011

At the Ballet

I just taught two ballet classes tonight..... IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Don't know how fun it was for the girls.... they opened the windows during class to cool down and I said "This is good! You didn't work hard enough in ballet class if you're not sweating by the end." A girl I also taught on Tuesday replied a bit flabbergasted, "Whatever I was SORE yesterday from your class!" I almost said to "suck it up" but these girls aren't quite as into ballet as I was, so I let it slide.

It was even more fun to come home and see Valentine dancing to Kirby playing the piano- she is a natural dancer and can already feel music and move her body beautifully and it warms my heart. It's in our blood and souls- I wish I could dance everyday. I'm signing Valentine up for ballet this weekend. YESSSS.

(Not fun? Seeing my post baby body in a leotard and tights. Yikes Bikes.)


kkrothrock said...

Where are you teaching?

Jessie said...

Madie that is what you looked like when I first met you! Btw Sienna just had her first ballet class last week! She loves it!