Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blue Christmas... just kind of

This was my bed Christmas morning- before I got up I was in that space between Valentine and Moses- comfy huh?

Christmas with the Hafers has been GREAT! We've had so much fun with Drew's family (that is when Valentine isn't pushing Lucy). Tons of games being played, a white elephant un-birthday party, babies and little girls all over the place, and the awesome company of the Hafers. But..... I have to admit I really miss my family and my Christmas. No Grandpa dressed up like Santa, no Mexican food (I did make some enchiladas for Drew's family), no big fat real tree that I helped pick and decorate, no Christmas music/movies playing while wrapping elaborately late at night on Christmas Eve, and no Hansen/Casillas family. As much as I love being here and as happy as I am to be with the wonderful Hafers, I can't help but feel a little Christmas blue right now.

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Jessie said...

We missed you guys too Madie! I said to your dad that it felt weird to not have you guys there and Sienna was devastated to get there and find no Valentine!