Friday, March 4, 2011


Today was kind of insane. Well, pretty much this week was insane, but today was pretty intense. On Monday Drew and I got a call from The Commons of McLean telling us that we could move in the next day. Very unexpected since we weren't planning on moving for another month. So we spend all of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get everything moved and settled. THANK YOU TO THE MISSIONARIES, SEAN, AND MY MOM, PAGE, AND MICAH FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!!!! Seriously couldn't have done it without all of you lovely people that I love- Thank you! A lot of it is done, but there are still LOTS of odds and ends at my parents house (i.e. all of Valentine's toys, practically and all of mine and Drew's shoes, all our movies, you know just a couple of things) and there's still some boxes to unpack in the living room yet considering the time and preparation we've had, plus having two babes to deal with, I think we've done pretty well. Anyways, back to today. This morning Drew and I got ready and took the kids with us out to Lucketts. Lucketts. What can I say? I love love love it. I do not love love love it with Valentine and Moses. In fact I borderline loathe it. Moses poops and I have to change his diaper in the car. Valentine is touching EVERYTHING. Moses has to nurse. Valentine is yelling. Moses is yelling. And drooling EVERYWHERE. Valentine is completely stripping down and then has a mega meltdown when we force her clothes back on her. Moses wants to nurse again. Valentine is touching everything, yelling, crying, telling me, "Don't touch me!!" Moses is fussing and drooling and spitting up.
Deep breaths. On top of all of that I hadn't eaten and was up till 2 cleaning and putting stuff away the night before. Madie=terrible mood. But, we got our cute settee. Phew. Drew left for work when we get home and I'd about had it.

Despite all of this, I am now incredibly happy to have my cute little hellions that I love so much, even if they ruin my prized Lucketts experience. Here's a few reasons why:

After Drew left, I was not quite overwhelmed to the point of tears, but I was close, so I go into Valentine's room where she's just playing/doing her own thing, I put Moses on the floor and crawl into the child's pose position, put my face on the floor and close my eyes. I can hear Valentine walk up to me and she asks "K Momma? You ok?" I don't answer. Next thing I know she's dragging her blanket off of her bed and lays it on top of me. Then she gets her little Disney Princess pillow and says, "Here Momma, here's pillow." Then she gets her own blanket and pillow and lays down on the floor next to me.

I was trying to read my book for a few minutes, but Moses wasn't having any of that. So, I gave up and started to give my baby the attention from me that he so wanted and deserved. I was not disappointed and was rewarded with lots and lots of cute Moses laughs. He is a happy, laughy baby and his laugh is the best. It's like this guttural shriek in the back of his throat followed by a full out adult LAUGH. It's so so funny. I will put a video of it up because it is the best thing in the world- there's no way it could NOT make you so happy.

Moses likes to nurse to sleep to go down for the night, and Valentine likes to cuddle with me and have me sing to her to go to sleep. On nights like tonight when Drew is closing (boo) I normally have to do both at the same time. Luckily I'm SuperMom and can do it. So I'm on my bed with Moses lying across me nursing on my right side, and Valentine is cuddled on my left and I'm humming, "ABC's" "You are my sunshine" and "I am a child of God." I stop humming. Valentine is breathing very rhythmically and deep- she is sound asleep. Moses has just stopped nursing and lets his big head lie back. He has a drop of milk dripping out of the corner of his mouth and it falls down his fat, Santa-red cheek into the abyss that is the folds of his neck. He then smiles in his sleep. He is the ultimate picture of the word "bliss." And I am in total peace and complete joy lying there with a darling peaceful babe in each arm. I made those beautiful creatures. I carried them inside me for nine months and gave brought them into this world. They are mine. I love them and being their mother more than I could ever express. It's been a good day.

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Sarah said...

Aww, cute Mommy. I have an idea. Next time you go to Luckettes why don't you leave your kiddies with me?? Hello? Or, we could leave the babies with Drew and go ourselves! But, really, use me!