Thursday, March 24, 2011

A bit of randomness.....

Here are few random things that have happened/I've realized this week:

-I LOVE the smell of unsalted butter- it's one of my favorite smells now, it is delicious and everything that is right in this world.

-I HATE potty training- it is horrible and everything that is wrong in this world.

-Moses is 100% sitting up and rolling all over place and of course trying to crawl already- he pushes himself up and yells and grunts in absolute frustration while desperately trying to figure out how to get his body to do what he wants it to- Valentine used to do the exact same thing, so funny...

-We are still not 100% moved into our apartment... can I just say though that I love it? I love our own home that we needed so desperately and can't wait until we are 100% moved in and I'll take lots of fun pictures of it.

-I went to the grocery store with both babes- Valentine was sitting in the cart and Moses was in my harness carrier facing front- a lady asked if they were twins....??? Excuse me?? I've never been so baffled in my life. SHE'S NOT THAT BALD. AND HE'S NOT THAT BIG.

-A very cute little 5 year old at the mall asked me: "Is she a girl?" (referring to Valentine) I said "Yes, she is. She doesn't have a lot of hair, but she is a girl." After a minute.... she says shaking her head and sounding a little confused: "I don't think she's really girl." Apparently she is that bald.

-Having "Harry Potter" to listen to while in the car is maybe one of the best decisions I've made in my life. That's not an exaggeration. Does anyone have the 4th one???????

-Making pies is one of my favorite things to do now. I love it. Mocha, chocolate, apple, I love them. There's nothing like a pie to make people (especially me) happy- I think I want to open up a little pie/cookie shop. Does anyone have some more good recipes for me?????

-I watched some little videos that were taken while I was in labor with Moses- there was one of the last leg of it, but not of the actual birth (I thought it might have been though) and I was covering my eyes the whole time because it was so hard to watch! I told my mom that and asked: "How did you watch that, that's terrible!" and she replied, "Whatever you were the one actually in labor!" True. That is true. It still made me feel just a little bad for birth observers though.

-The video of me holding Moses for the time was wonderful. Made me cry. I did not cover my eyes and it made me feel a little bad for birthing observers because they don't get to actually experience that- holding that incredible darling baby that you carried and then labored to push out that is all yours. Lovely.

-I was reading my most recent book (my third middle ages historical fiction book in a row) and Drew asked, "Why are you so obsessed with England?" I replied, "I'm not obsessed with England... I'm obsessed with Harry Potter..." Then I realized that's England too. Guess I am obsessed with England.

-I had Drew get me some chocolate the other night after a rough day with the babes. Then I realized I had had chocolate every day for the past... long time. Guess I'm obsessed with chocolate too.

-I finally called my best friend for the first time in over a month. I'm a bad friend and really wish I was better. I will work on that.

-I finally got my hair cut (it's been since July- yikes) and I kind of hate it. I sorely needed it, but I had unexpectedly gotten quite attached to my long hair and now I feel like a boy even though it's still long. I now feel a little pity/understanding for the fools on "What Not To Wear" who flip when their gross long hair gets chopped off.

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