Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Favorite picture of Valentine EVER. She is the best.

Ugh. I'm terrible at keeping this up. Anyways... Moses had his four month check-up today. He is 17 1/2 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long. Big boy. He's not so into rolling over, but he's working on sitting up and is doing pretty well- probably because he always does crunches just like Valentine did. I don't know what is in the combination of mine and Drew's genetic makeup, but apparently we just don't make babies that like to hold still or are laid back. I guess we only have two and who knows what the other babies we have will be like, but the track record so far is pretty intense babies. Luckily they are also SUPER SUPER CUTE babies, so it's ok. I guess I'd take over-active as opposed to over-lazy. They're not bad babies, just demanding- constantly needing to be held, played with, cuddled, nursing- I literally don't get anything done- I'm lucky if I can do the dishes or pick-up my room, or put on mascara; and Moses is howling the whole time (hence being awful at updating this). Valentine is funny though- most of the times she'll come up to Moses (while his mean mother is ignoring him while trying to frantically finish whatever she's started) and goes, "It's ok Mo-ness. It's ok." and then she'll sing him 'You are my sunshine,' 'ABC's' or 'Mares eat oats" or play peek-a-boo, or just laugh crazy and then he laughs too. It's very cute- they LOVE each other and it warms my momma-heart. There are sometimes though when he cries that she loudly moans "MO-NESS!" in a very exasperated way- kind of like I do. And she'll say over and over "I know Mo-ness! I know!" Sometimes even, "Stop crying Mo-ness!" BUT most of the times it the cute consoling.
Moses also is a drool factory. Three months hit and the faucet turned on and has not stopped. I've been putting bibs on him purely for slobber purposes. Gross. He has this huge funny oral fixation and sucks on EVERYTHING. ALL THE TIME. My arm, his fingers, his toes, blankets, toys, burp cloths, my mom's face, EVERYTHING. Drew and I have hickies on our arms from him. He also does this hilarious thing where he sticks out his jaw a lot. Drew and I have nick-named him "The Godfather" because he looks like a baby Marlon Brando godfather when he makes that face. It's awesome. Moses is also by far one of the LOUDEST babies you will ever encounter. He yells all day every day. Happy or sad you hear him from across the street. I can't even remotely go to any church classes or sit through sacrament meeting. Going to the mall is great because EVERYONE just laughs at him- if I'm holding him or he's in the stroller, if he's sucking on something or not sucking on something- if he's awake he's yelling. Not just talking, literally yelling. I get a kick out of it (most of the time) and it makes other people laugh too, so I try not to worry about bothering people. Even if I do, whatever, I have a loud baby, not much I can do about it.
I LOVE MY BABY. He's the cutest, big, soft, cuddly, loud, slobbery, darling, sweet, huge, funny, endearing, squishy, lovable, best cute cute cute baby boy ever. I think I tell him at least 15 times a day how cute he is, I can't get over it. LOVE HIM. And Valentine- with her dress-up, make-up, princess, dancing, singing, jumping/running around, pretending-scarves-on-her-head-are-her-hair fascinations. I think I tell her at least 15 times a day how pretty she is. I just want to bottle them up and keep them like this forever...... for the most part.

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