Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving, Babies, Baths, Dresses, and Bows... Oh My!

Well, jeez. This is how horrible I am at blogging- I have about a thousand pictures and dozens of things to talk about. New Year's resolution: to update the blog AT LEAST once-twice a week. Hm, we'll see- I'm not so great with resolutions- my other resolution will be to be better at keeping my resolutions. Nice. Anyways, we had a marvelous Thanksgiving, like a year ago now, just kidding, only a month, with all of the usual suspects (minus a few) and delicious fare. This was my first year trying my Grandma's infamous yams and the much prized jello salad and I have to admit that I have been ridiculous and wrong for the past 24 years of my life. Both of those things are by far the BEST part of Thanksgiving and I am so disappointed in myself that it has taken me this long to discover their awesomeness. My life has new meaning now and I'm already ANXIOUSLY ANTICIPATING next Thanksgiving just so I can eat caramel yams, raspberry jello whipped cream goodness, mashed potatoes, and apple pie till I gag. What a simpleton I've been. Moving on: Thanksgiving was actually truly great because of all the family (not the decadent food). I LOVE LOVE LOVE my family. I don't think I can say it enough. Their company is so fun and fulfilling- we had lots of.... interesting stories and conversations this year- it was a blast. I love my own DARLING little family. I love my incredible parents and siblings. I love my wonderful ever-increasing extended family. BEST EVER. That's what I'm thankful for always.
The day after Thanksgiving Valentine got a visit from her BFF Louisa. They are CUTE and funny together. Valentine has been real interesting lately. She is definitely in the terrible two's and can I just say that that is not fun. Why do kids have to go through that stage? I just don't get it- like when I ask for something I need or something she's grabbed from me and she tries to hide it behind her back and when I actually reach for it she turns and CHUCKS it in the opposite direction or runs and throws it down the stairs. It's fun. Or when I have to tell her to not hit or chase Ada for the FIVE HUNDREDTH MILLIONTH time (those two are the bane of my existence) because she'll get bitten. But, it's worth it guess because she's also HILARIOUS. She is an awesome dancer and singer and does both alllllll the time. She also is the most talkative, energetic little thing and keeps us very very entertained with her little one-man shows or speeches that we understand nothing of because she's speaking in another language and very fast. She looooves dress up and is more often in dress up clothes than real ones- that is when she's not naked which is even more often- I just CANNOT get her to keep clothes on. Miss Hot-Stuff (as I've liked to call my sassy drama queen) is also a super sweet big sister. She loves loves her brother and is always kissing, trying to hold, talking to, concerned about "Mo-ness." I love them together- it makes me so happy and touched as a mother to see them getting along and so attached already.
On a little note- Kirby and I had a little show for our bows the other weekend with Taylor's fiancee, Michelle and her mom, Jolene, who are artists. It was great- we got a lot of work done and were able to sell some stuff and got really good feedback on our products. The website still isn't 100%, but go to it and please email us any orders you'd like for the Holidays!
P.S. If you'd like to see the pictures in chronological order start from the bottom and work your way up- if you can find the bottom that is- sorr-you (as Valentine says sorry).

This made me laugh really hard- poor little guy.

How Valentine is 90% of the time.

I can't get enough of this face.

Twinners!!!! Can you see Summer's cute twin belly? SO excited!
It makes me almost cry whenever I see Sierra hold Moses. What a sweet, special bond we all have from that sweet, special experience.

We way cracked out some Settlers action when everyone had left. Drew was in heaven needless to say.

I can't get enough of this face.

Maybe Valentine likes to be naked so much because I love my nakey babies- they don't get any cuter than when you can see every chubby roll and feel their soft silky baby skin.

Yet another dress.

JELLO SALAD! I'm pretty sure it was the word 'salad' that scared me off from ever trying this yummy treat.

By far the best picture of my life. Merry, the actress, always delivers.


Her favorite nightgown that she considers as a dress.

This is her new favorite dress-up dress- I bought it for $10 at a bridal store when Page was trying on dresses. And yes she always wears her crown backwards- apparently it's the only way she knows how to put it on.

She looks so much like Drew it's sometimes scary.

Bath time joy!

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Jessie said...

Madie how did I not know you hadn't ever tried the jello salad or yams? You do know that is pretty much all I eat every Thanksgiving right! I look forward to it all year long! Cute post...I love how you and all your siblings are always hanging out! Hope my kids are like that one day!