Monday, May 3, 2010

Yackety Yack

Here are some late Easter pictures.  I love the Spring.

Miss V had a lot of fun on her own little easter egg hunt.  She also loved throwing the eggs.

Her Sleeping Beauty crown from her Easter basket and her princess dolls- I swear I don't force this on her- she just really loves them.

Ah, yes.  Since V's favorite movie is "Pocahontas" her Aunt Page thought it would be fitting and funny to use marker as Indian war paint on my baby's face.  She thought it fun.

So Valentine is QUITE the talker.  All she does is run and babble.  All the time, all day long, everyday.  It's a little exhausting just to watch, but it's also extremely entertaining.  Her new favorite words are "coot!" (cute) and "pitty!" (pretty) and she applies them to everything-especially herself.  She is constantly seen in front of the fireplace staring at her reflection with with a variety of dress-up items on- a dress, crown, princess shoes, necklace, just a cute outfit- and twirling repeating over and over, "So coot!  Pitty!  Coot!"  For at least ten minutes at a time.  She will also apply it to the rest of us though- when I put on my dress for church on Sunday she RAN over to me and exclaimed, "So pitty!  So pitty!"  She also said it to Jordan when she was trying on prom dresses and my mom when she wore her new skirt.  What a hoot.  For those of you who aren't well acquainted with my daugher she also loves to yell.  A lot.  Her favorite word to yell over and over is "BICAH!!!!!" (Micah who she LOVES).  She is still calling me "Ma-nie" but she will call Drew "Daddy" for the most part.... whatever.  Oh and she ALWAYS asks where things are.  "Where's Daddy?" (I hear this at least 500 times a day- I'm not exaggerating.  Especially in the morning and we wake up and he's not in bed with us.)  "Where's dog?"  "Where's da baby?"  
Also:  I took Valentine in for her 18 month check up and since we had been there two months previously she had gained ZERO weight and half an inch.  I promise I feed her.  She's just SO active that she doesn't keep weight on.  But my mom and I agree that in the past week she's felt heavier and she looks it a little too- she's gotten her prego-like belly back.  Speaking of prego, I definitely have a nice baby bump now!  I think it's cute, but it's just at the point that unless you know I'm pregnant you probably would just think I'm fatter, so I am still having an EXTREMELY hard time getting myself dressed everyday.  I hate every item of clothing I own and have been spending a TON of time online trying to find clothes that won't make me want to throw up.  Whatever.  But it's fun to be prego- I've been feeling the baby move!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that.  That is one of my favorite parts of carrying a baby inside me is feeling it move- it makes such a sweet connection between mother and baby and makes it feel so much more real- like there will actually be a sweet little thing to validate the 10 months of hugeness.  I will say though that I've been QUITE moody this pregnancy.  I don't remember being this irritable with Valentine (maybe having her around is part of it haha) but I just can't help but get SO angry and/or upset way more often than is necessary or than I'm used to.  Is it fatigue?  Is it being a mom and being pregnant at the same time?  Is it being around a lot of people and noise?  Is it just this pregnancy for some reason?  I have a theory that the baby is a boy and that testosterone is my baby that I'm not used to is making me more irritable.  Don't know, but I'm trying to get over it.  And we'll find out in a week what the baby is for sure!!!!  Like I said I THINK it's a boy, but I could be totally wrong.  I will let you all know!


sarahwalk said...

I can't wait to find out what you are having! How fun!
Also, of course your daughter loves Pocahontas!!! Who doesn't!

Danielle and Chad Selander said...

Everytime I see a pic of V, I CANNOT believe how old she is! And she talks?! That is the cutest thing ever. She is pitty coot! I love her headbands! I need to start a collection for my little babe!