Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kicks and Kisses

This morning I awoke to Valentine just waking up- with her eyes still closed- kissing me right on the lips.  That was quickly followed by a storm of kicking and wiggling from my sweet other baby (I could actually see my tummy moving!) and a whole shower of kisses from Valentine- all still on the lips.  The kicks weren't hard or painful- just a nice way for my baby to say "Good morning."  I glanced over and Drew was also still in bed, which doesn't always happen as he leaves for work before we wake up most of the times.  It was a lovely morning.


sarahwalk said...

That is the best picture I've ever seen of V. So funny. A total ballerina!

Chris said...

do you know what you are having yet?
ceily reminded me yesterday that you should know by now. we are wondering.