Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Fat

Well here are some fun pictures of me and V and my "baby fat."  By the way, we still don't know what the sex of the baby is- we couldn't tell at Dr. Knudson's with his sonogram machine and I won't get my official ultrasound for about another two weeks, so the suspense is still on!  I still think it's a boy, but that's just my gut feeling, I could be way off.  I'm 20 weeks on Monday- halfway there!  Heartening and a little depressing at the same time, pregnancy just lasts FOREVER.  But it's fun, I love feeling my new little baby move all the time.  And I love my Baby V.  She is the best.  Can't wait to have two!  (that was genuine, not sarcastic, though sometimes I do say that sarcastically- like when Valentine hasn't stopped running for an hour straight or when she's snuggling with me by laying on top of my face in the middle of the night- but I really can't wait for my other babe)

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sarahwalk said...

No baby fat. Just perfect!