Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Merry: "So, Kurby, for your birthday do you want to go out to dinner with your family OR have a girls night?"
Kirby: "I don't know Merry, maybe dinner with the family."
Merry: "Uh, are you sure?"
Taylor: "Merry, why does it always have to be a girls night? Why can't it be a unisex night?"
Merry: "WHAT?! EW?! A SEX NIGHT?!!? We're not having a sex night!!"


Merry: "Gross Taylor."
Everyone in the room tries to explain what UNISEX means and its difference from SEX.
Merry: "Um, I don't get it."

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camilla hallows said...

I miss Merry! Precious story!