Saturday, February 27, 2010


Drew, V and I all went to meet Midwife Sierra at the Birth Center this week where we are planning to deliver Hafer Baby Deux.  I was pretty sure that I would deliver there, but now I am
POSITIVE because I LOVED IT!  It was wonderful, I loved the midwives and other staff, the rooms, the tummy molds hanging up all over the center and just the whole concept of the way they bring beautiful babies into the world.  I'm thinking of doing a water birth and couldn't be more excited.  The birthing room had a birthing ball, an awesome rocking chair with a wood piece that detaches from the seat so you can deliver your baby in the chair, a nice big tub for birthing, and a nice big non-hospital bed.  I loved it.  A lot.  And I can't imagine having someone better than my lovely Aunt Sierra deliver my baby- I love her.  I'll admit I'm a little nervous about not getting an epidural since it was pretty nice last time, but I'm strong (I think) and with Sierra's help I'll be fine- plus I can tell I'm going to appreciate and like this new experience- I didn't love the hospital last time.  I'm almost 9 weeks and can't wait for week 20 when we get to find out what our baby will be- what do you think?  A baby girl, Violet Mette, or a baby boy, Atticus William?  Drew's all for twins.  Yikes.


Jess and Tom Roberts said...

i was telling tom that i wanted to do a water birth next time. His cousin's wife just did it and said it was amazing. I just hope whereever we move there'll be a birthing center!

skyapie-a and dave said...

Congratulations! I hope you have a great pregnancy.