Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home at last

So.......... here's the story: On Tuesday around 4 in the afternoon I started getting some of the worst stomach pains I've ever had. My mom had been really sick with a bad stomach bug, so at first I thought maybe I was just getting that, but after a while I realized I wasn't nauseated and that the pain was way worse than a bug would give me. I then started getting paranoid that I was miscarrying, but I wasn't bleeding at all, so my mom called Drew who came home from work and took me to Arlington Hospital. Just so you all know- this wasn't just stomach pain- it's the worst thing I've ever felt- worse than labor, just terrible. Anyways, we finally get admitted and Sierra met us at the hospital and was with us in the ER for hours and hours waiting to hear what was the matter. The doctors gave me A LOT of morphine and I was still in pain, so I got five hours worth of ultrasounds where they discovered a very large cyst on my right ovary. To be sure that it was the cyst and not appendicitis, they admitted me overnight and had me get an MRI in the morning. I kind of felt like I was in a tv show like Grey's or ER or some kind of sci-fi movie while I was getting the MRI. Well, that showed that my appendix was fine, but that the ovary and the cyst had gotten much bigger and that there was also a blood clot on my vein right next to the ovary. What had happened was that the cyst on the ovary caused that ovary to to torque and twisted the vein by the ovary and casued a blood clot. My pain had eventually stopped (about 12 hours after is started) and it was because the ovary had pretty much died. So, Dr. Crowther- an amazing OBGYN who I love- operated on me labroscopically (I have no clue how to spell that) during which they found that the ovary had indeed died because of the lack of blood flow to it and it had swollen and became gangreen, so they obviously had to remove it, which to do they had to make a quite large incision in my lower abdomen. They could not remove the blood clot, so I had to meet with a Hemotologist who is having me take lovenox everyday, which is an injection I have to give myself once a day, until I see him in a few weeks and they do some blood work and do another MRI to see if the blood clot is gone, and hopefully if it is I won't have to lovenox myself everyday after that. SOOOO. There is the story. THE BABY IS FINE. We had several sonograms/doppler tests before and after the surgery to make sure of that. (By the way during some of the ultrasounds Drew says that he could swear he saw a penis, even though the technician said it's too early to tell- we'll see in a few weeks if he's right!) I am home now recovering, where keeping V from climbing on me and my VERY sore tummy is proving a bit of a challenge, but luckily I have the best family in the world who is helping me with her- I don't even feel like a mother right now and I hate it and I feel so bad for all of the work that everyone is doing for me and V, but I also so appreciate it. Thank you Mom, Dad, Kirby, Micah, Jordan, Page, Taylor for all of your love and help. Thank you Taylor and Nico for coming to the Hospital to help Drew give me blessings. Thank you Sierra for coming with us to the Hospital and helping me through the first scary hours of all of this and for keeping in touch during the whole thing. And Drew. Thank you for hardly ever leaving my side and sleeping very uncomfortably at the hospital and for all of your love, help, concern, support and for being the sweetest best husband I could have. I love you.
Aside from the pain and worry and terrible surgery recovery the worst part for me has actually been that all of this drama means I will no longer be able to deliver my sweet baby at the birth center with Sierra. I was sooooo looking forward to that experience and I LOVED the center and I couldn't be sadder that I can no longer do that- when I heard that I needed surgery and realized that it meant I couldn't go to the Birth Center anymore I had quite the meltdown. But Sierra suggested that I could see if Homer Knudson would take me and she could still be involved and maybe even deliver the baby still. So, we'll see. I might have to go to a high risk doctor, but hopefully not. I'll keep you all updated. Love you all and thank you to everyone for your help, love, support, prayers.

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