Friday, September 4, 2009


Has anyone else ever noticed in Virginia that almost exactly when September hits- BAM!-  automatically Fall starts up?  All of a sudden it gets chilly in the evenings and mornings.  All of a sudden it's not quite so bright and sunny.  All of a sudden the leaves on the dogwood trees are turning brown.  I love it.  I love and welcome and eagerly anticipate the Fall.  I mean, I love the Summer too- I love wearing nothing but dresses and letting Valentine run around in just her diaper and the warm, close moist air.  But, there is nothing like Virginia Falls.  I've been aching for them while I've been away (stupid Vegas).  The crispiness of the air.  The beautiful reds and golds showering off the tips of trees.  The smell.  The taste.  The fog and frost in the mornings.  Jumping in piles of lovely leaves.  The pumpkins.  Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Drew's and Valentine's birthdays.  Don't even get me started on Fall wardrobe.  I love it.  I crave it.  Welcome Fall- I've been expecting you.


Danielle and Chad Selander said...

Okay, I'm booking a flight right now! It's still 105 degrees from 9am to 4am! That sounds wonderful! I already have a few bags of fall clothes just waiting to be worn...I am completely jealous that you already get to wear yours. Enjoy the weather and think of me while your wearing sweaters and scarves!!! :)

sarahwalk said...

I love love love love lve fall in VA. I already went and bought a pupmkin pie candle and a spiced apple candle. I can't wait for pumpkins and pies and hot cider! I love Virginia! I can't beleive how much I missed this in Utah! Can we take a drive togther in the Blue Ridge Mountains when the leaves change more? I love you. We need to hang out. Did you know that Joelle moved to Serbia to goto Med School? NOT A JOKE!