Friday, August 28, 2009


Well, jeez, apparently I'm very bad about updating this while living at home- I apologize, I will try to do better.  Anyways, um yeah, Valentine is completely walking.  Oh, wait I'm sorry- did I say walking?  Running.  Valentine is running.  All over the place all the time.  Long gone are the days that I can just sit and enjoy whatever I'm doing be it reading The Book Thief, or watching reruns of America's Next Top Model, whatever.  Even with 50 of us in the house to keep an eye on her (ok 50 is an exaggeration- there are 8-9) there will be times that Valentine accidentally goes unsupervised because no one- except Jordan- has the energy to keep up with her, especially me.  For example, we're all sitting in the living room and all of a sudden, "Oh... where's Valentine???"  And we hear little squeaks of joy that lead us to her- she's in the pantry putting dog food in the dog water and getting dirty dog disgusting water on her.  Ten minutes later- "Where's Valentine?"  Oh, she's half way up the stairs STANDING UP.  Ugh.  Another ten minutes later- "Where on earth is that baby?"  In the pantry again, this time eating dog food.  Awesome.  I sound like such a great mother.  
P.S.  Uploading videos to blogger sucks, so for some videos of her walking check out facebook!
P.P.S.  The above picture is from a little trip that Drew, Micah, V and I took to the Zoo- note the pink fingernails- I love having a little girl.

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