Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear

Happy Birthday Drew! I love him, and for so many reasons. My aunt does this cute thing on her blog where she puts 10 things she loves about whoever's birthday it is, and I think I will follow suit with my darling husband's big 29th birthday- woo hoo! Way to go Drew, almost to 30!

1. He is hilarious- he always makes me laugh laugh laugh, I love it- best sense of humor ever.
2. He is so handsome- maybe a little shallow of me, but hey that's what attracted me to this man in the first place- his dark curly hair, big dark eyes, skinny body, handsome face- love it, can't get enough of it.
3. He is such a darling dad- his baby girl just adores him, those two together are just the dang cutest thing.
4. He is adventurous and spontaneous- always wants to be doing something and wanting for that something to be fun.
5. He is sooo smart- he reads and reads and about everything too- the news, economy stuff, wars, social movements, history, people, places- everything (while I read E!Online).
6. He is honest- Drew has a very innate sense of right and wrong and always makes sure he's on the right side.
7. He is a sweet good husband- he is helpful and kind and makes me feel good about myself and is always encouraging me to be better
8. His laugh- best. thing. ever. (if you haven't heard it, you should).
9. He always tells me I'm cute or beautiful and whenever we see famous people on tv or whatever he always says, "Those people are so fake none of them are actually naturally attractive, you're a million times prettier than any of them." (so not true but nice to hear).
10. He makes me happy.


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Jessie said...

Love your 10 things you love about Drew..he is a really great guy Madie! I have noticed how kind and helpful he is. You got a good one! Happy Birthday to Drew...(awhile ago)