Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Holidays

I'm very sorry it's been so long, but I was in DC for three weeks with Valentine visiting my family- such a blast, I was so sad to leave but, it is nice to be home with Drew again- it's very very quiet now compared to being back east.  Well, Christmas was just lovely, it was by far my favorite Christmas ever- I was with my family, and I had my beautiful baby and Drew.  I can't think of anything better- plus Valentine was wearing her baby leg warmers and her legs looked like big fat candy canes, which was awesome.  She is growing by the day and not just in size (though she's huge) but in her abilities too, she's just started to be able to stand on her legs a little and she talks and screams and is grabbing and eating everything that we give her- I couldn't be having more fun.