Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Not to brag but my baby is the most darling thing in the world.  She just is.

 P.S.  Thank you Sarah for this adorable outfit!


Danielle Selander said...

totally gasped when I saw your darling daughter :)

Jayne said...

yes, she is darling. and seems very serious too. i can't wait to see her. just today i was just thinking about holding her and wondering if you'll let me kidnap her and steal her away for hours. i'm sure there will be many a baby holders to have to wait my turn.

sarahwalk said...

OMG! I love her soooooo much! I had to put OMG b/c nothing else could come out of my teenage mind. I'm glad that Valentiney looks so cute in her little present! I can't wait to hold her this weekend....Tell you family to move out of the way! p.s. I love them and you!