Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Girl

It's so weird that Valentine is only 3 1/2 months and I feel like she's so old and has grown up so much already- I mean she has, she can stand up now and scream (for fun) and talk for hours but she's still soooo little! I will tell you what though, she is a demanding little girl, she has to have your attention all the time no matter what or she gets mad.  And yes, she still sleeps on me a bit, but she's getting a lot better and is now sleeping next to me.  She's so fun, I can't even tell you how much she makes me laugh- I am just in love with her and everything she does- even when she's tired and fussy and won't go to sleep for hours I still love her and want to eat her up with those fat cheeks and big eyes.  And she is the center of attention at church- there is seriously a line in front of me after sacrament meeting and primary for people to touch her (which she's not the biggest fan of), talk to her, or just look at her.  Having a baby is great- it makes me popular woo hoo.  And that's what it's all about.  
P.S.  I have been trying for at least a week to post videos of her on my blog but they will not upload on here for some reason, but I was able to get them on facebook, so check out some fun videos of her!

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Kameron said...

Hey there, beautiful baby! And drew, I love the shirt.