Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I know I know, I'm lame.  Whatever.

So, the kids have been super fun and super annoying lately.  Mostly fun, but they each reach a point at some point in the day, every day, where all I want them to do is be gone from me.  I was blaming Moses getting new teeth in for a while, but I think I've been saying that for like a month.  I mean, it was all four of his incisors at one time, so maybe it was painful for a month??  I don't know, all I know is I LOVE his nap time.  LOVE IT.  Live for it.  But he's actually at quite a fun age, and 90% of the time is just the most darling little bugger in the world.  He's suuuuuch a boy!!  He climbs on me, and the chairs, and hits everything and bangs everything.  His favorite toy by far are the extensions on the vacuum cleaner (yes, the same ones that Micah used to pretend were swords) he just pulls those pipes out and smashes the crap out of anything and everything.  I'm actually surprised my apartment isn't in pieces.  We had some little friends over earlier today and Moses loved running around with the bigger kids, and he also loved hitting them.  A lot.  He was placed in his crib several times as punishment, but I don't it leaves much of an impression cause he just keeps doing it.  By the time they left I think he was finally a little bit understanding.... probably not.  Oh, the false hopes of us mothers.  Anyways.  That boy is sure talking a lot too, and it is funny.  He has the deepest little voice, and he gets and says some thing really well and others...... well........ For instance.
"Say 'please' Moses."
"Am mama."
"No, Moses, say 'please.'"
"Am mama."
But he is great at saying "Where's Daddy?!" or "Where's Bi-cah?" (Micah- aka his favorite person).  "Page?!! Where's Page?!"  Page is the only girl name that he'll say, so he calls every female "Page."  Valentine did the same thing.  Oh Page.  He really likes to murmur under his breath during every prayer, so it's like he's saying it, which makes me laugh every time.  He also says, "I running!" or "I fast!"  My favorite is when he says Valentine - "Bal-nine!!!"  He says that a lot but WILL NOT say Moses.  He says, "Again?!" a lot and he tries to count which is verrry funy.  He very jumbled-ly said "I love you" for the first time the other night and I loved it.  Pretty much except for please he'll try to repeat you or say whatever you tell him to, it's just a long ways from anything distinguished.  It'll be weird when he's really talking, I kinda like his low deep babbling and mumbling.  So manish.
Oh.  Moses also has this ridiculous skin fetish.  If I'm wearing a leotard or swimsuit his eyes literally light up and he runs over to me and buries his face in my legs.  Or he'll lift up my shirt and just rub his head and face on my stomach.  Maybe it's because of his huge still somewhat bald head???  It's a little weird.  And sweet.  But speaking of that head- he still has blonde eyelashes on left eye and dark brown on his left, and his hair is mainly brown, but right on the crown of his head is this big blonde streak and he has a few others on his left side.  So neat, I'm very interested to see what it will look like when he actually has some. :)
Valentine was SO GREAT for a while.  SO GREAT.  Very obliging and good and sweet.  Obviously not perfect, but a really really good little girl.  This past week or so though...... good heavens she has been talking so nasty and rude and challenging every single thing I ever say.  Her favorite is when she's reeeeaaaaaally mad to get her point across she screams out "EVER!!!!"  (I think this is from Tangled when the mom yells "You are not leaving this tower! EVER!")  Apparently now it's good though for a kid to be argumentative because that means they are less likely to give into peer pressure- if that's true then Valentine is SET.  Between the two of them I feel like simultaneously doing a dance and crashing into bed the second they're asleep every night.  And I feel like I'm such a mean and horrid mother cause I feel like all I do is yell/talk super-sternly/tell my children to go away or to leave me alone.  Yeah, I'm pretty awesome.  But she has also been darling and says the funniest things, I love her age (most of the time...).  She's so bright and aware of everything, it's really amazing to see and observe what she notices and thinks.  When I tell her it's time for bed at 8 she takes me to the window and says "See Mama?  Look at the sky- it's not night-time yet, we don't have to go to bed."  I then try to explain that it stays lighter in the summer, but it's still the same time..... blah blah blah, does. not. compute.  Or it'll be two or three days since they last had a bath and Valentine will come up to me and say "Um, are we still clean Mama?  I think we're dirty Mama, I think we need a bath."  Again, I'm awesome.  Our cousin, Luisa, who is Valentine's age just moved into a house from an apartment- upon learning about this Valentine insisted that she wanted a house.  "I want a pink house Mama.  With a blue door and yellow flowers and a purple bedroom, and a red kitchen and lots of trees, and I want an old, big pink dog."  Pretty much she likes pink.  And she's wonderful.  I tell her that every night before going to sleep, I give her a hug and a kiss and I tell her, "You are wonderful.  I love you so much."
And it's true.

New photos to come.........

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