Sunday, December 18, 2011

Moses the Destroyer!

(the title was said in like an angry man voice, like for WWE... just making sure you all got that). Anyways. Yes. Moses is the destroyer of EVERYTHING. I mean, Valentine was into everything when she was his age, but Moses REALLY gets into EVERYTHING. And then he DESTROYS it. I just got my mom mixing bowls for her birthday because in the last two week Moses broke two from her favorite set. He gets into the cupboard and then just chucks those bowls as hard as he can (which is very hard- he is quite the bruiser) onto the hardwood floor. Valentine could totally manage an ipod or iphone by his age, but Moses can't because whenever he touches one, it is either in his mouth and covered with drool or on the floor dented with the back and battery scattered a few feet away. The books on my bookshelf are CONSTANTLY not on the bookshelf. The dvds are always stewn throughout the apartment. I've given up on my poor poor formerly-cute Christmas tree. The top half looks so great- the bottom half? No man's land. I was always fixing it up at night when the kids were sleeping, only to have it massacred within minutes the next morning, so I've given up and it looks like a hot mess. Oh. And the hitting. That baby boy has HUGE hands. And BEEFY arms. He gets maaaad and throws little tantrums and hits haaard. Oh. And the nursing. I'm one of the biggest nursing advocates you'll find, but little man is 14 months with seven teeth and still wants to nurse several times a day and I'm OVER it and he ISN'T. He is constantly pulling at my shirt and throwing fits when he is denied. But man oh man, is that a DARLING little boy. I mean darling. He has the most kissable face I have ever encountered. I'm pretty sure I tell him at least 10 times a day "Moses, you are so cute!" And he always very coyly smiles back- what a little flirt- watch out girls. He still has the best laugh and we are treated to it veeery often. He's starting to talk- I mean he is constantly babbling- the last few days he's just been non-stop. His best words are "Ada!" (which he calls every dog) "No!" (his first word, just like Tiny and he says it A TON) and "Mamma!" He also says "Dada" and he tries to say "Gan-ah!" and "Ga-ma!" (grandpa and grandma) and he mutters something odd every time I give him something, and I'm pretty sure it's his version of "thanks." Oh and everything has an exclamation point cause he YELLS everything he says, it's very entertaining. He's also very clever- he and V fight over her little princess chair in the living room ALL the time- so they'll be watching something and Moses will go and turn off the tv- then V gets mad and jumps out of the chair to turn it back on, and Moses runs to the chair and plants himself. Then Valentine sits on him. We have a lot of fun around here. And My Mister Moses sure is a momma's boy and while it gets a bit tiring, I wouldn't have it any other way and love how much he loves me and I love him even more than that. He is a sweet, funny, happy, lovely baby/mini-man/toddler..... and he's also a destroyer. And that's ok. Love him.

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