Saturday, April 30, 2011

Only in McLean

So, Sarah, Maria and I had this game going out at school called, "Only in Rexburg." Pretty self-explanatory- it was a funny list of things we encountered while there that really would only happen in Rexburg. I.E.- A man robbing a bank and getting away- ON FOOT. Or, the headline story of the local news being about a singing mailman. Or, getting chastised by a local lady for sun-bathing in a field because it was across the street from a church. Or, the whole town completely shutting down on Sundays and at 9:00 p.m. all the other days (serisouly- you couldn't go to a drive-thru at 10). Or the kid at Blockbuster checking me out saying "Oh, this is rated R" me- "Oh, do you want to see my I.D.?" kid- "No, it's just.... it's rated R- you shouldn't watch this." You get the picture.


I was at the Giant grocery store here in McLean, VA yesterday where there is a sign up offering Valet Parking to customers. Seriously? What nutter came up with that idea? Who gets/wants/needs VALET parking at a GROCERY store? It really just baffles me- and I always feel so bad for those poor useless guys sitting at their dumb booth by their dumb sign for something dumb that nobody is going to use. This sign has been there for awhile, yet EVERY time I see it all I can think is: "Only in McLean."


Jayne said...

brian, chris' brother always starts by saying...
"only in mclean would you see...
a person buying groceries with a fur on."
or "only in arlington would you see..."

and agreed, only in mclean would they have valet parking at giant. :)

Maria Lindsey said...

Madie! This is great- That totally brought back some awesome and weird memories! Love ya