Thursday, April 21, 2011


Moses has just hit 6 months and is officially crawling! He's been working on it for weeks, and still isn't great, but he's doing it and he's gotten pretty good at meandering his way around the apartment. He really likes to kind of.... flip around more than actually crawl- he'll go from sitting to all fours and twist back to sitting. It makes me laugh. He's huge and happy and cute.

In other news, my darling Valentine that I love so much has somehow traded places with an evil twin I didn't know about. Evil is strong...... extremely very super naughty secret twin. Half of the time she is lovely and cute and fun and even sweet. The other half..... so terrible. I don't know how to handle it. Sometimes she's just downright nasty. They weren't lying when they labeled it "Terrible Twos." Good thing she's so pretty. Otherwise there are times that I might toss her out. She apparently has a pushing problem in Nursery and LAUGHS when her victim cries. She shrieks and hits when she doesn't get exactly her way (sounds typical but it's horrible). She SLAMS her door when she's mad (which is a lot). She looks at me after I've told her not to do something and with a very deliberate look does it repeatedly- staring at me the whole time. She throws her ipod. *Sigh* Don't even get me started on potty training. We've given up on it for now. Valentine has always been a bit..... sassy. But lately..... yikes bikes. I feel like all I do is yell and tell Valentine "NO!" Probably not helping. I've been thinking if I change my parenting tactics peut-etre I'll see some better results. She's also a toddler which tends to equal naughty for all children, so I need to not take it as a personal slight that my daughter is acting nasty. Jeez, can't wait for teenagers!

Oh and p.s. they both have been coughing NON-STOP FOR WEEKS. Oy-vay.

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Lindy said...

If two-year-old Lucy doesn't get her way, she screams so hard and loud her head quivers....for a while she turned into a biting monster. I hate the two's!