Monday, June 21, 2010

I don't care

Valentine's new favorite phrase? "I don't care." I don't know where she got it from, but said it to me repeatedly the other day when she got in trouble for being naughty and has kept saying it ever since. Completely out of the blue. Her new favorite word? "Beautiful!" She is beautiful, the Disney princesses are beautiful, her baby dolls, me, her dresses, her shoes, my dresses, her barbie dolls, her earrings, anything remotely feminine is "boot-i-full, so boot-i-full!" What other funny things does my funny little girl say...? "GO WAY GO WAY GO WAY!" That is her telling Ada to go away whenever she is eating- she apparently does not approve of Ada's begging and lingering, which I don't either. "I wuv you" she tells everyone she loves them, even Bob who paints our house, so maybe she doesn't so much understand it's real meaning. "Where Daddy go?" I think I hear this one about..... 200 times a day? She is always very confused as to where her dad is and why he's not home with us. She also asks me several times a day, "Where's Elmo?" She hearts Elmo on Sesame Street, a lot. Also Cookie Monster. Whenever any movie is lying around she grabs it and sprints over to me "WATCH?! WATCH?! WATCH?!" I end up having to distract her and then hide the movie to get her to forget about it- the best way to accomplish this is to suggest going outside which is the only thing she loves more than her Disney movies. OH. Most of you know this already, but V totally has BEIBER FEVER. No joke, she sings along to his songs, is mesmerized by his music videos- even just pictures of him. So sad, she's too young to be boy crazy. Especially Justin Beiber boy crazy. What else? Oh yeah, she also is still in the habit of kissing me hundreds of times throughout the day- at least once a day I get an almost make-out session, hands on my face and dozens of kisses at once and all. She is great.

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HAYHAY said...

This one made me laugh. She sounds like she is full of life! Dolls and Earrings? I don't know what I'd do with a little girl. She is hilarious.