Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Goodness, the Bridal Shower that Lindy and I threw for Sadie was a lot of work.  A lot of fun work.  And having 2 babies and a 3 year old added a lot more work.  But I enjoyed every minute of it.  I got to be with the Hafers who I love dearly and I got to do a lot of fun cooking/baking/crafting.  Fun.  Since Sadie didn't have a reception she got to invite everyone she wanted to the shower and the invite list ended up being about 80 people.  So naturally we planned on about 50-60 and made enough food to feed a couple of armies (or just 50-60 women around dinner time).  But, we ended up having about 30, so we had pesto coming out of our ears after that and ate nothing else but that and fruit and pound cake for the rest of the weekend and didn't have to do any more cooking- which was fine with me!  We also decorated the backyard with cute red tissue flowers all over.  Man oh man Lindy and I spent a lot of time making those guys- but they looked darling and they were used multiple times- they served as decoration for the presents area at the luncheon after the wedding and we decorated their car with them.  Anyways, it was a fun cute shower- the bride looked lovely and had a good time and so did I- by far the best part of the shower was when Sadie opened up a black lingerie dress and Greta gasped, "Oh! It's a fancy dress!" and grabbed it and held it up to her body.  Who needs dress up clothes?!  Just give your daughters some lingerie- it's fancy.  The end of the shower was a little bit of a  relief, I'm not gonna lie but I had a great time- maybe I'll go into something like throwing parties.... do they do that?  ... maybe when I don't have babies though.... or just when Drew's around to watch them.... hm. 
Thank you Lindy, Marcene, Chad, Neil, Abe, Sadie and Abe's family for all of your help!!!!

This is Lucy- soooo sweet!

Is it obvious that I can't get enough of my baby?  Or that I LOVE to dress her up?
The lovely bride and her helper Greta.

LOVE this picture of them- Sadie is going to be such a good/cute mom!

Pre-shower: this is Abe, Sadie's husband, who so kindly kept an eye on V while I worked- I like him already!


sarahwalk said...

I really like the one of V yelling at the camera. I almost peed my pants. She looks so much like you guys it's not even funny!

kirbyh said...

v is soooo cute, and getting so big
lets be party planners/doers together

sarahwalk said...

I love the new layout of your site! You are the most rick-rockin' Momma ever!