Sunday, June 21, 2009


She does this face all the time and it just cracks me up.
This is Valentine's shelf.  She thinks she's so cool when she climbs on it.

So, as I'm sure most of you all have heard by now we are moving to Virginia.  Drew was gone on the high adventure scout trip this past week, so while he was gone I took it upon myself to do some major packing.  I did most of this major packing late at night after Valentine had gone to sleep because it was just soooo much easier that way.  Well, the other day I had missed a crumb of a cookie that Valentine had dropped on the floor so the next morning we had a few ants in the house- so I spent a VERY LONG time vacuuming the whole place like crazy so we wouldn't have any more miniscule intruders.  So it's 2 in the morning and I'm just cleaning like crazy cause I'd made a huge mess with all of the packing.  The apartment looked spotless and I decided to clean out my diaper bag right before going to bed- I pulled out a baggie with crackers in it, which was all crumbs by then, to throw away and I grab it on the wrong end and got cracker crumbs EVERYWHERE.  I started sweating I was in such a panic- do I risk vacuuming at 2 in the morning with my baby asleep on my bed and all of my apartment neighbors or do I risk gross gross ants coming in again overnight?  I tried to solve this dilemma by using tape to pick up the crumbs.  Tape does NOT pick up cracker crumbs- so no one else try cause it's very frustrating.  So, I went into my room, balled up one of my dresses and put it over Valentine's exposed ear (she was sleeping on her side) closed the door and turned on the vacuum.  I don't think I've ever done anything that speedy in my life,  I was THROWING that vacuum back and forth trying to go as quickly as possible.  I ran back into the room to make sure I hadn't woken my baby and caused her to fall off the bed to her death.  She was sleeping like a baby and I didn't get any bangs on my floor from the people downstairs, so I made it.  Phew.  And no ants the next day.  WOOT WOOT.  I think that's some of the worst stress I've ever been through- I don't wish an experience like that on anyone.  Oh, a dog did start barking.

I LOVE her sleeping- she's the sweetest thing ever.
Look at her foot- she always does funny stuff like that while I nurse her.

P.S.  I hate going to sleep at night without Drew, I always get scared right when I'm about to go to sleep when he's not there.  I wanted to sleep with a knife or something under my pillow- you know just in case a scary man were to come in and rape or murder me or kidnap my baby- but that didn't seem safe period, not to mention when you have a baby sleeping with you.  So, I wanted like a baseball bat by the bed, but we don't have one.  So I ended up sleeping with Drew's huge megaphone right next to the bed every night- we were so safe!


sarahwalk said...

I love love love that you were sleeping with Drew's megaphone. You two were meant to be. I can't wait till you come home!!!!!! Woo hoo!

kate said...

When are you moving? Has it happened already? I would love to see you when you're back and the craziness is over. PS - I went to Arlington last night and took class with Mr. Wenger.

Luke and Linds said...

Drew and Maddie what a beautiful Baby girl!! Do you think that she could give Tyler a chance in like 20 years?? What a cutie!!