Monday, September 10, 2012

Be Nice.

Yes I'm still alive.  Just super lazy.  So, my family recently has really gotten into this game called "Things."  There's a 'reader' each round who reads a card with a topic on it i.e. 'something that makes you cry' or 'things not to say to your boss," etc.  Then everyone writes a response on a slip of paper and the reader reads all of the answers and everyone takes turns trying to guess who wrote what.  One of the topics was 'if there was an eleventh commandment what should it be?'  I wrote, 'thou HAST to wear a bra' because I hate seeing women in public without bras on.  Yes we all hate them but IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL to wear one, it looks HORRIBLE 99% of the time not to.  Anyways, that little rant is not the point of my story.  My mom and dad were playing and no one could guess what theirs were.  There were two slips of paper that said "be nice" and it ended up that those were each my parent's responses.  As soon as we figured that out the first thing I thought was, "That right there explains my parents in a nutshell, and that is why they are so great and why our family is the way that it is."  It was such a little thing, but I can't stop thinking about it and it left such a big impression on me.  That really should be the eleventh commandment- BE NICE.  So in my own family, as my parents did with ours, that will always be my bottom line for everything- be nice.  My parents are so smart. :)

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