Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I can literally hear the choirs of heaven singing in celebration with me. Valentine has been pooping in the potty for two-three weeks and Moses has been totally weaned for a week. Now to put some cabbage in my bra so my chest is even. And to start eating better- no more burning what is it? Like 400 calories a day from nursing??? Oh the joys of motherhood.

Uncle Bud came to visit so we got to go do some fun stuff, like visit the Dulles Air and Space Museum, and go to the National Cathedral.

With airplanes and missiles and space-crafts abound all my kids were interested in were the water fountains.
Oh they also loooved this huge spiral staircase. I got my workout for the week running after them on this thing.

I mean could he be any handsomer??? Nope. I love him.

Valentine can finally wear a ponytail and now she has to have one EVERYDAY.

Sorry, it's been quite a while. I know you missed us.

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