Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Walker Texas Ranger

Moses is full on a walking PRO. It's so funny. He's been walking for almost 3 weeks now? And he won't stop. He's even younger than Valentine was when she started- I didn't know that could happen! I just keep forgetting how strong he is. But he's been taking a few steps at a time since he was 8 months and right after he turned 9 months he just started going! And he not only can walk, but he very often attempts to run and he also loves picking up basketballs (actual full sized basketballs) and throwing them. Throwing, not dropping. He's just a big, strong, sturdy chunk of baby boy and we are lovin every second with him..... Maybe except for earlier this evening when while I was on the phone with my mother-in-law he went into the bathroom and played in the toilet. SO GROSS. He is getting into EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. And climbing on EVERYTHING (thus also falling off of everything). I thought V was bad, but he's much much worse. He's so sweet and funny though. He also loooves dancing. Any music comes on and he is swinging his big head around or bouncing his big body up and down. He's so great. Did I mention that I love love love my big baby????

P.S. Oh yeah, yesterday Moses was holding his little music and lights toy (hard and plastic) and just bopped Valentine right on the head with it. She of course wouldn't stop crying until she went to bed and he just sat there smiling and bouncing. We're pretty sure he's been plotting this comeback for a couple of months now. We keep warning Valentine that in the very very near future Moses will out-grow her and not tolerate her pushing/shoving/hitting him. Well, she got her first taste of retribution. Don't say I didn't tell you so.
P.P.S. Oh yeah, he also loves books. So funny, he just sits there looking through them, any book. Proud Mama.

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