Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Late Late Late Birthday Valentine!

I'm already a terrible mother and awful at those whole 2 kids thing apparently- it's taken me almost a month to write about my sweet Valentine's 2nd birthday! Goodness. At first I was too tired and now I'm too busy/lazy. Anyways, the day before Baby Moses came into our world we had such a fun low key family celebration for Miss Tiny. I was waaaay too exhausted and down trodden at that point in my pregnancy to plan or do anything fun for my poor child (I promise I'll make it up next year!) but our little Sunday get together was more than sufficient for Valentine- I don't think anything would have made her happier than having her best friends- her cousins- over to play with her. Henry, Sienna, Noah and Louisa are definitely her favorite people in the world and all of her other cousins too. We had yummy chocolate cake, cupcakes, pink and princess adornments everywhere and about 500 presents. It was a good birthday. Still in shock that I had Valentine TWO YEARS AGO and that I've had another baby. Shock. Having Moses and celebrating Tiny's second birthday has made me finally realize that she is not a baby anymore. It makes me sad yet it is so unbelievably fun to watch her grow and turn into a little sassy person. After the birthday pics are my 10 things I LOVE about my Tiny:

1. If there is one thing Valentine does not lack it is personality. You always know when Valentine is around and she definitely makes everything so much more fun and interesting. She is large and in charge and vivacious and wonderful- everyone notices and loves Valentine.
2. She is the cutest big sister already. She loves her "Brudder" which is his official name for V. She is always giving him kisses, laying down with him, wanting to hold him and very concerned about him- "where's brudder?!" They're cute.
3. I love love love her little face. It's the most darling thing I've ever seen and she makes the best facial expressions EVER- I've even had strangers tell me that.
4. She has so much ENERGY. She is a little hurricane sometimes and as exhausting as it is I love it and would never change that about her (I only wish she could somehow share the wealth).
5. Valentine is sooo sweet. She still loves to cuddle with me and is always giving me kisses and hugs and touching my face and telling me she loves me and asking me to hold her- no matter how old she gets she'll always be that mamma's girl and my little Tiny baby.
6. Kids do really say the darndest things- especially Valentine. I think my favorite still is when she's in another room and I yell her name to see where she is or what she's doing and her answer to "Valentine?" is the same every time- "What???". She is too funny and cracks me up- I'll start a list of V quotes and put them up cause there are a lot any they are awesome. I also love it when she says "oh gosh" when she thinks something is pretty or when she tells me I look "so bootiful! like a prinsee!" whenever I put any form of a dress or skirt on.
7. She is so much like her dad it's comical sometimes. I love to see them together because most of the time they are just two peas in a pod and so fun together and can make each other laugh like no one else I've seen- there are sometimes though where they just clash and I have to step in and take over cause they are just too similar- it makes me laugh. The best is when Drew puts her to bed and she gives him a hard time and we can hear them hollering at each other from two floors down. Awesome.
8. Valentine is smart. She picks up on things and has always done things early for her age. She might not have hair but she'd got brains in that bald head and makes her mamma proud. You should see that way she works an i-phone or a dvd player, it's ridiculous.
9. I love that she really is tiny- that's even how she refers to herself. I think Moses is almost her same size. Just kidding, but I love my little little girl.
10. I love that Valentine is like me in some ways. She loves macaroni and cheese, she loves to dress up, she prefers dresses to pants, she loves pink and princess stuff, and best of all she already has a deep fondness for singing and dancing. She'll go and play the piano and sing to herself, she LOVES to have dance parties and has really good rythm! I was practicing a little singing the other day for the first time in weeks- maybe months- and she sat there watching me and grinning and kept asking for more whenever I stopped. I can already tell that these things that are so precious to me will always be a strong bond between us.

Happy Late Birthday Valentine! I love you- sorry I'm lame!

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Lindy said...

Love, love, love your family. We are counting the days till we see you. I really think Lucy is looking like a blonde, blue eyed version of Valentine.