Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Drewdy!

Whoah. My cute husband just turned 30 on Saturday. He thinks he's ancient, but I keep telling him that since most people think he looks like he's actually 15 he doesn't need to worry about getting old. I still can't believe that we've been together almost 5 years (married for 4 in Dec.) and that we're about to have our second child. So crazy. And so awesome. Here are my ten things I love about my Drew:

1. He's so supportive- like with the whole Hypnobabies classes- so not into it at first, but did it because I wanted to and had a good attitude. (and now he's just as into it as me!)
2. He's a worthy priesthood holder and has used that priesthood to help and bless me when I've been in need of it.
3. He is the father of my two beautiful babies- he and Valentine are two peas in a pod, they are so much fun together and I can't ever get enough of seeing Drew as a father and how much Valentine loves him. I'm very excited to see him with our new little boy.
4. He is always encouraging me to be better, whether actively or by example.
5. He gets along so well with my family- he fits right in with the Hansens and Casillases. When we were dating I knew that he was a man I could marry when he met Merry for the first time- he was so easy and nice and cute and fun and natural with her. And he still is- they are pen pals now and Merry always refers to him as "Drewdy."
6. I know I always say this but he's so funny. No one makes me laugh like he does and he has that quality that I didn't think existed in anyone but my dad in which he can make me laugh and feel better no matter how terrible of a mood I'm in- he never fails and handles my crazy emotional hormonal .... craziness.
7. I love his face. His hair was insanely long for a while and he just got it cut and I realized, whoah, I haven't really seen his face because of his hair, it's so nice to be able to see it again. I love it.
8. He makes me feel pretty- which isn't so easy when I'm 10 months pregnant and HUGE and look like a gross boy. Somehow Drew manages to find me beautiful and through that make me feel beautiful.
9. He is a hard worker- I hate his hours with Domino's but he does his job well and works hard for us, our little family, and I so appreciate that. He also works hard when he's home to help with V and me and our needs- GREAT husband.
10. He is my Drew. He is unique- a man unto himself, I've never met anyone else like him and know I never will- he is strong and fun and smart and very opinionated and good humored and outgoing and honest and loving and I love everything about him that makes him Drew.

I love you Drew Dear! Happy Birthday Drewdy!

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