Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Well, I'm very sorry that I'm such a bad blogger- my New Year's resolution is to be MUCH better at it- we'll see how that goes.  Anyways, 2009 came and went in a blur- especially the Holidays.  It's true that with babies time just flies by- V is almost 15 months now, can you believe it??  Well, Christmas was lovely this year- Drew actually had a few days off, a Christmas miracle, and we had a Hansen Christmas and a cute little Hafer Christmas, as well as the normal Casillas Christmas festivities.  We of course had our Mexican food Christmas Eve at Nico's house this year with my Grandpa dressed as Santa of course and had all of the kids sit on his lap for the kiss/hug and gift exchange.  Valentine wasn't so into that as you can tell- she was way tired, I think that if we had done it a little earlier she would have cooperated maybe?  And if it wasn't me handing her off.  Oh well, next year, next year.  The food was delicious as always, I particularly enjoyed the "gringa" enchildas and the one tray of mint brownies we brought out of the 10 million trays we've made in the past month.  Stupid mint brownies.  Well, I was up till 5 that night trying to finish all of my home-made presents that Drew and I decided to so for each other and Valentine this year- that's when it really sucks that I'm a horrible procrastinator, the doll I made for Valentine took FOREVER but turned out very cute-  I'll have to take a picture and post it I forgot to do that.  I was planning on making a dress for V also, but waaaay ran out of time.  Oh well.  The frame I made for Drew turned out awesome, and he made me a very darling scrapbook of V- can you believe that I don't have hardly any printed pictures of my baby?  Now I do!  Thanks Drew!  Anyways, on Christmas morning we all went down to our own piles of goodies and were joined by our fun cousins Ian and Grace and our aunt Joanne, whose house caught on fire and we were blessed to have them spend Christmas with us in our home.  We exchanged our gifts for each other which is always fun but took a looong time- there's just too many of us now.  Then Drew, V and I went up to our room and did our Hafer Christmas around our little tree (which I LOVED and Valentine was very good at destroying and taking off the ornaments) after which V and I took an AWESOME two hour nap.  We than had some family come and visit and watched an old Cary Grant movie.  The next day the Casillas's all came over for a tres delicieux breakfast and fun white elephant gift exchange.  Among some of my favorite gifts were the Utah Jazz warm up jump suit and matching coat, the snuggie (which Page got- ha), the make-your-own-gummie-bears kit (which was intended for Merry), the Everybody Poops book (courtesy of Taylor of course), and the Robert Pattinson calendar.  Lots of fun.  New Year's was pretty uneventful- we made a TON of wontons- yum, and had seven layer cookies and oatmeal bars.  I still can't believe I haven't gained 10+ pounds from all of the food from the Holidays.  Jeez.  But New Year's was nice, we just ended up watching Glee Season 1 and actually completely forgot to watch the ball drop.  Whatever, I've seen it before.  The only really interesting part of the Eve was when Micah ran around the house screaming and yelling "Happy New Year!" and I told him that I'd punch if he woke up my baby.  Fun.

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sarahwalk said...

How fun! I have had a christmas card for you in my car for about three weeks. I also made you chocolate chip cookies, but then we had the blizzard of the century. I still have the cookies in my freezer....I'm the lamest. I'll bring them by soon. They are really good, not as good as yours, but pretty rockin' all the same. Lets go see a girl movie together. We need some girl gossip time! Mish you!