Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cookie Monster

So I made coconut cookies the other night for my primary class (and Drew's Teachers "did Sister Hafer make us any treats this week?"- I've created monsters) and I put a plate in the middle of the coffee table with all of the leftover ones on it at home.  Drew and I were just sitting on the couch on our laptops and I look up and Valentine had snatched one of the cookies and was just standing there chewing and chomping away on it.  As you can see she was having the time of her life and thought that the cookie was delicious and awesome (which it was).  She was screaming and smiling and licking that thing for a long time- she's going to have a big sweet tooth just like her mom!  (And yes that is a pipe cleaner in her other hand- her new favorite toy).


sarahwalk said...

I totally want that recipe. Denise just taught a cooking class and told the girls she always has cocoanut milk on hand, and they asked what you do with it! Umm, eat it with everything! You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Anyways, tell V that she can't play with pipe cleaners! They aren't even a toy. Although Martha has definately got a pipe cleaner-toy craft up her sleve. And when I say Martha I mean Stewart. I was trying to be quick by saying Martha, but I ended up sounding like Rachel Ray saying EVOO, Extra Virgin Oive Oil. Just used the the whole word if youa re going to say it anyways!I hate her. Miss you!Sorry I'm crazy!

sarahwalk said...

Your daughter is seriously cute. In one of the pictures she looks like a scared rabbit. Love you, love her!

Jessie said...

Those are the BEST cookies Madie! I need the recipe!
She is getting soooo big! Makes me sad! Sorry about your car! I didn't even hear about that!