Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There and Back Again

Well Valentine and I had a wonderful time in D.C.  Definitely the highlight was going to Merry's play "Kickball the Musical!" which was AWESOME.  I love Merry.  We did other fun stuff too: we had a girls night out (where Jordan and I were told all about sexy Noah Brown from Lana), we went to Lucketts (my favorite place ever), we went to Georgetown so I could have a Georgetown Cupcake but it's closed on Mondays- just a heads up to anyone interested, and we went to the Zoo which I was dying to do- I love it.  However, apparently the only nice, warm and sunny day that was to be had during Spring Break in the D.C. area was not the best choice of days to go to the Zoo because oddly enough that's when the rest of the D.C. area residents decide to go too.  So we went to an immensely crowded zoo- there was a huge line just to get into the Elephant House as well as any sort of refreshment/snack vendor, but it was fun.  Plus Valentine enjoyed looking at all of the people more than the animals, so I guess it was a good thing we went on the most crowded day ever.  She just sat in her stroller kicking her legs and laughing and squealing at all the people, especially kids, running around.  The one bummer while being home was that Valentine for some reason was not liking men.  It took her a few days to let my dad hold her and a week for my grandpa.  I'm sorry guys, what a stinker.  It was so nice to go there though, all of the trees blossoming- I miss the green and flowers while living here in the dumb desert.  And I just loved being at home, just relaxing and talking and being with my family that I love so much was wonderful.  Oh yeah but as soon as we got back Valentine got sick.  I can't think of anything less fun than a sick baby.  I thought it was rough when I was sick and had to take care of her, but this was worse- much worse.  The first night she was sick she woke up every hour, and every time she woke up I had to get out bed and walk around with her and bounce her to sleep.  She had a runny nose (actually has a runny nose) and watery red eyes with yellow gunk in them and a fever- poor thing, I've never seen anything so sad.  Every time I looked at her sad messy little face I'd go "Awwwwww."  But, she's on the mend, still a booger face though and she freaks out every time I try to wipe her nose- SO FUN.  


sarahwalk said...

How cute are all of those pictures! I totally didn't get to see you enough while you were here. I just need to come visit you! Maybe I'll come when it's 150 degrees there. Muah!

sarahwalk said...

Does your husband have a fro? Tell me the truth.